Why Are Kits All the Rage This Holiday Season?

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It is the beginning of November and officially the start of the holiday season. While we are carefully packing away our spooky Halloween decorations, now comes the endless amounts of catalogs strategically stuffed into our mailboxes.  It is fast approaching, and companies are looking for the perfect gift for their hard-working employees and loyal customers.  This is the time I find myself curling up on my couch in front of the fire with fuzzy socks on my feet, drinking hot tea, and combing the internet for the hottest corporate holiday gift ideas.  This year it appears that kits are all the rage.   I have seen kits in catalogs, online, and physically in stores.  They are everywhere and everyone is doing them.  So why?  Why are kits all the rage and why are they the perfect gift for both employees and customers this holiday season? 

Convenience is always at the top of my mind during the holiday season.  Kits make it easy for companies to package numerous things into one basket, making a bigger impact.  The Wow Kit below is an amazing combination of tech items that every employee would love.

The Wow Kit

2. Experience

Experiences can mean many things from pizza making to brownie baking to family game night to a quiet spa relaxation package.  All can provide a special experience at home with the family or alone creating your own quiet time.  Nothing says family like baking at home during the holidays, the experience is doing it together.

Brownie Points Gift Set

3. Cost

Cost is always important.  Getting the most for your dollar, especially now.  Kits can do that by bundling different items into one amazing package.  This lovely kit below packages these yummy gourmet items in an amazing Igloo cooler you will use again and again.

Igloo Team Spiri Gourmet Cooler

4. Uniqueness

Unique by definition is something that stands out and leaves an impression.  Employers what to send gifts that are not forgotten and create a unique experience.  This VIP whiskey set can be enjoyed solo and may be paired with a lovely cigar.

Corkcicle Whiskey Business Gift Set

I think it all boils down to employees wanting to spend a little more money to be impactful.  People want to gift unique, creative experiences to show gratitude, increase employee satisfaction and reduce customer turnover.  It is a great way to thank employees for coming back to the office, and for enduring tough work environments that have changed and evolved during the past few years.  It is a nice way to thank customers that have remained loyal during these uncertain times.  Kits are a unique and special way to say thank you for this holiday season.  If they are well thought out and unique, they will make a lasting impact.  I have included a few kits that I believe stand out and truly show gratitude and some holiday cheer, all in one kit.

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