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As we slowly slip from the month of September and arrive at the door of October, we are not only greeted with chilly temperatures, college football games, and the smell of Fall in the air but the messaging around Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This month is especially important to us not only in the promotional and merchandise industry but also in a company full of women.  Being one and working with so many, all various ages, it does not just remind me to go get a mammogram (which I did last week) but also reminds me of how important it is to attend to our overall health.  

We are mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, friends, and coworkers just to name a few and sometimes we are all these things at the same time.  We are all living in a crazy world and constantly on the move, never stopping and never really paying attention to the things that SHOULD matter.  Our physical health is beyond important; without it, we can feel empty, rundown, tired, and useless.  So, it got me thinking, do women spend more time picking out the perfect filter on Instagram than we do on our physical health?


I am afraid, for most, the answer could be YES!  As we have mentioned in a previous blog, mental health is a very large concern in our country, but so is our physical health.  People do not get enough sleep, drink too much coffee, do not exercise, do not eat a balanced diet, and work way too much.  Sometimes we are caught running on fumes, stressed out, anxious ridden, and burning the candle on both ends.  All these things impact how we feel and some of these health issues can be avoidable with the proper diet, sleep, and exercise.  Whether we go to a doctor practicing Western medicine or homeopathic, it is important to not avoid going to one…. yearly!  Also, the answer does not always lie in taking a “pill”, it is more about the proper screenings so we can avoid a larger problem down the road.


This month we should celebrate not only Breast Cancer Awareness but our physical health too.  Below I have included products that I use daily that can help us take care of ourselves and well as set reminders to put our health first.  Putting our health first now can help ensure a clearer path down the road.  Reducing your risk of heart disease, strengthening bones and muscles, and improving your mental health just to name a few.  Whether you pick counting your steps, drinking a gallon of water, or eating healthy meals, you have options of elevating your brands while elevating your health.

My Health Picks

Bento Box

The Savory Lunch Box Set is a 2-compartment bento-style lunch box and cutlery set ideal for food storage or work lunches. Part of the Eco-Lifestyle Collection, the stackable containers, knife and fork are made from a blend of renewable wheat straw and BPA-free polypropylene. The top lid is made from bamboo and has a dual function as an eating surface or cutting board. Carry and store it bound together with its one-inch wide elastic closure.

Bento Box
Water Jug

Water Jug

Keep all your workday hydration needs cold with the Heritage Supply PRO Jug – 64 Oz. The Heritage Supply PRO collection features durable and functional products specifically built for the tradesperson

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