Embracing National Love Your Pet Day

Is it any surprise that GACO celebrates National Love Your Pet Day? If you follow us on social media or currently work with us, you know that we love and cherish our pets. They show the utmost loyalty, make us laugh, create a few extra clean-ups throughout the day, and most importantly, can make our toughest day brighter.  Our pets are integral members of our office and an added value to our culture.

Studies have shown having pets around can reduce stress, boost morale, and increase productivity.  They remind us to take breaks and go for walks. They teach us patience and loyalty.

To celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, we’re excited to share some of our favorite pet products! Whether it’s for your employee website, tradeshow booth, or a community giveaway, the possibilities are endless.

We’re excited to feature our five favorite items.


A customizable plush toy can bring your idea to life. Choose any shape, design, image, or logo and we can make your vision come true!

2. Catnip wand

The custom catnip wand toy is the purr-fect way to keep your feline busy and free from boredom. Watch your kitty go wild with this wand!

3. Asobu DOG BOWL

Stay hydrated on your adventures with our convenient dog bowl attachment, ensuring your furry companion stays refreshed wherever you go.

4. pet collar

Pet love accessories too! Add a touch of flair with a specially designed collar.

*Can pair with matching customizable leash!

5. DOG Bag dispenser

Keep your neighborhood clean with our dog bag dispenser. Holds 25 disposable bags that attach to your dog’s leash or your own belt loop.

Branded pet products are a definite head-turner and will have everyone looking at your company’s logo. 

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