The Power of Love

The month of February marks Valentine’s Day. A time when many people make plans for a nice dinner, think of giving and receiving flowers, candy, and gifts, and writing “mushy” cards. Some remember being in school and making mailboxes out of the shoe boxes to collect those little cards from their classmates. We think about love.

This February, as my email, Instagram, and other social media accounts are infiltrated with Valentine’s gift ideas, I thought about a powerful movie I saw on a plane recently. It was a young man making a lowbudget documentary about homeless kids in LA. He was able to build enough trust, and this allowed the filmmaker to receive answers to his many questions. The one answer they all had in common was this: they wanted to be loved. 

The filmmaker found these kids (ranging from 15-18) were thrown out of their homes or left on their own because the situation was horrific. Now they are judged for being junkies, losers, troublemakers and more. Yet they were not given a choice; if they were, they all would have chosen love. 

In a world where possessions seem to reign supreme, where success is often measured by what we own rather than who we are, there’s a stark reminder of what truly matters – love. And surprisingly, when the voices of those often overlooked are heard, they echo this sentiment loud and clear: all they want is love. 

I cannot imagine what this situation is like or how not having a family member or important person love you. Thankfully, I do know how truly powerful love is, both by receiving it and giving it. It is far greater than roses, candy, jewelry, or a fancy dinner. So, instead of writing about gift ideas, I am taking this time to remind us of a few things we can do for those close to us and, maybe not so close to us. 

  1. Recognition and Empathy: It is important to recognize that all people have feelings, desires, and dreams. Empathy plays a significant role in understanding their struggles and acknowledging their worth. 
  2. Inclusion and Belonging: Valentine’s Day often emphasizes the importance of love and belonging. For people who may feel marginalized and isolated, it is truly special to be inclusive and have understanding. 
  3. Acts of Kindness: Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Whether it is smiling at someone, helping or volunteering, just spending time listening and so many other simple things, can positively impact a person. 

Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to extend love and compassion not just to our family and close friends, but to those who do not have the good fortune to receive the power of love. 


Celebrating Galentine’s at the GACO office this February 14th!

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