Call Me When the Ice Melts

My grab-and-go items on the way out of the house include my bag, my water bottle, my coffee, and my keys. I’m guessing this list is not too different from yours. Whether you are heading to work, dropping the kids off at school, running errands, or on your way to a needed get out of the house” event, you always have your necessities. For the sake of today, we’re talking about your water and your coffee, or whatever your usual pick-me-up, can’t live without beverage might be. What do you use to carry those two precious gems? Maybe it is YETI, Hydroflask, Swell, or one of the other commonly referred to tumbler brands. But what you might not know is that the plethora of smaller brands work just as well, if not better! Our new Arctic Zone mug has recently emerged as our new favorite product, and we just could not gatekeep this GACO staple.  

introducing: gaco's arctic tumbler

She’s sleek, she’s smooth, and she’s got plenty of room for your favorite beverage or soup – we don’t judge. But in order to ensure she worked as good as she looked, I ran an experiment to determine the usability of this new product.  

the experiment

At a scorching 84 degrees, it seemed like the perfect day to put our new tumbler to the test. On the starting line ready to go, we had our new tumbler facing off against the popular YETI tumbler. Yet, the race wasn’t who could run the fastest, it was about who could keep our drink the coldest. In other words, which mug would not let the ice melt? Though it was close, our GACO tumbler not only matched the YETI in its insulation abilities but outlasted its opponent. When the ice was fully melted in the YETI, there was still a relentless cube in GACO’s Arctic mug. After coming to these results, I could not help but research more. I learned, in fact, YETI and Arctic use the same vacuum-sealed technology as well as 18/8 grade stainless steel.  

more than a mug

While I had a lot of time to contemplate and watch the ice melt, I realized not only is this tumbler wonderful for my own use, but it is an incredible team gift, employee appreciation token, or promotional product. As much as we love the GACO design, we would love to work with you to design your very own tumbler to fit your company, brand, and vision. Plus, who doesn’t love rooting for an underdog? By considering a smaller brand, like Arctic, you’re giving the little guy a chance. 

Now I’m not (just) here to boast about our new mug, but more importantly, to highlight the guaranteed quality and utility of the products coming through GACO’s doors. If there’s a product you love, but are concerned about cost, etc. It’s always worth reaching out to see the alternative options. We take pride in working with small businesses and being knowledgeable about every option. You never know, you may even like it better than the original. 

Have you worked with GACO before or coming across us for the first time? If you’re interested in testing out this product, reach out and we will happily send one your way! 

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