Don’t Run, Learn – Revealing Our Superpowers Part I: Experience


We recently re-examined our guiding statements including our mission statement, vision statement, north star, and core values. Our goal was to accurately capture the spirit of GACO Sourcing, answering the question: who is GACO Sourcing and what can I expect working with them?

In doing so, we wanted to present these values in GACO fashion, as unique and fun as possible. We are tying each of our values to a well-known and loved cartoon character: insert Rafiki. Rafiki seemed like the perfect fit to depict GACO’s wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. 

our Superpowers

While our new mission statement is proudly displayed at the top of our About page and guides our day-to-day actions, our core values, superpowers, and differentiators better represent who GACO Sourcing is at its core. Our GACO core values are a distillation of the skillsets and unique experiences we each bring to the table upon every interaction. That is why I decided to do a mini-series of blogs focusing on one core value every month. In this blog, I focus on EXPERIENCE.

Introducing, Experience

Our core value, Experience, reads:

With our diverse talents, unique capabilities, and vast knowledge, we achieve limitless success.

Why Experience

A tenured career is not a pre-requisite for being a GACO employee, but personally, I trust people who have a bit of experience under their belt. Maybe that’s what attracted me to hire such a well-versed team. It hadn’t fully dawned on me until recently, but combined, GACO Sourcing team members have over 200 years of experience. With the average years of experience being, 13 per employee.

Just think of how much that knowledge can help each customer.

Talents & Capabilities

Here’s my other favorite part, everyone has different strengths. Just because many of us have been in the industry for several years, we each have unique past experiences that fuel us in our current roles. In previous lives, we’ve worked in education, entertainment, food services, and fashion to name a few. These fresh perspectives help to advance our knowledge base.

However, what ultimately brought us and keep us invested in the promotional product industry is the passion for creativity and customer satisfaction that we each possess. From logistics to design, there are well-qualified GACO team members who can expertly speak to:

  • Product Development
  • Decorating Methods
  • Logistics
  • Kitting
  • Fulfillment & Shipping
  • Webstores
  • Drop Shipments
  • Creative Solutions

Limit-less success

Like Rafiki, we step into and embrace change – learning from our past. parallels our team members’ drive and curiosity to keep growing. We are a group of dynamic, knowledgeable women, with combined abilities, there is so much we can achieve – this is one of the many reasons GACO Sourcing believes the sky is the limit.

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Our experience is not the only thing that sets us apart. Soon, we’ll explore our other differentiators.



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