5 Must-Have Items for All Music Festivals

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In May, I was lucky enough to attend Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  This year the lineup was truly amazing.   I was able to see Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Dead & Company, Santana and Melissa Etheridge, all in one weekend.  It lit a raging fire inside of me.  Music, food, cocktails, people and a stunning location are the perfect ingredients for fun!  On the plane ride home, I immediately started searching for additional outdoor music festivals to attend this year.  This summer I will hopefully be packing my bags and hitting the road to one of these: Summerfest in Milwaukee, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Wonderbus in Columbus, Oceans Calling in Ocean City and Austin City Limits in Austin.

Music festivals and concerts are both very popular and involve live performances.  They differ in several aspects but the biggest difference to me is the duration and scale.  Concerts are typically standalone events while music festivals are multi-day events that bring together a wide range of artists, bands, food, art and much more. 

Below are a few of my must-have items for not only one day but the whole weekend.  Remember before you go, check with the venue on restrictions and requirements.  While they are lifting all over, some venues still require clear bags.

A Bucket Hat

A good hat can keep the sun off your head and face and make a fashion statement.  Here is one of my all-time favorites.  It is made from breathable cotton and reversible.  A great way to transition from day to night.  Feel free to be as vibrant or subdued as you want.

Bucket Hat

A lawn chair

Check before you go but most venues let you bring in a chair under 26 inches tall.  This Zen Master Travel Chair is portable, packable, and comes with an individual carry case.  Standing all day in the heat and sun is tough.  A nice chair is a great place to take a load off and listen to some tunes.

An outdoor blanket

At some festivals you might be lucky to be able to pop a squat, spread out and listen to your favorite bands.  This blanket tote outdoor blanket is cozy, portable, and water-resistant.  It packs into a compact carry tote that could easily connect to a dayback.


A Daypack

For an all-day festival, a daypack is the best way to keep all your belongings together.  Finding the right fit is key especially with so many options on the market.  This one has a timeless design, it is light, a clean and simple silhouette, and stylish.  For venues that require clear bags, this one is a great option.  Remember to call before you go.

A Cooling Towel

When heading to an outdoor music festival, you inevitably will deal with the outside elements and one of those is sweating under the hot sun.  Most of the time you probably won’t notice the heat, but a cooling towel could be handy.  They are perfect to bring because they are compact and fit virtually anywhere.  Simply wet the towel with cold water, wring it out and instantly enjoy a towel 20-30 degrees colder than the outside temperature.


Pick a Festival and Go!

I encourage you to go find good music in a great location this year.  I promise you won’t regret it especially if you pack these five must haves.  For more great ideas check out our brand-new Summer LookBook.

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