5 Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner? Do you use promotional product marketing to increase sales or brand awareness? Have you thought promotional product marketing is only for the ‘big guys’ on campus? Well, I’m here to tell you why you should think again –

Go ahead, take a look around the room. Chances are there are a few promotional product items sitting on your desk or in that junk drawer right now! Whether it is a pen, mouse pad, calendar, or chip clip – those products are a part of ‘doing business and have become integrated into your daily life. Check out 5 benefits of promotional product marketing for small businesses and why you will surely soar to the top with your next promotional marketing campaign.

1. Increase Brand Recognition

No matter the size of your business, standing out amongst the crowd and remaining in the minds of current and/or potential customers should always remain at the forefront of your goals. Make them remember your brand by developing a creative marketing plan. The use of promotional products is one way to increase brand awareness for your business. Customizing an item for a customer that he or she can use daily with your logo on it – puts your brand in their hand every day. At GACO sourcing we work with you to create a unique strategy that fits your promotional product needs.

2. Gain Mass outreach at low cost or Minimal Cost 

With a small price tag but a large, long-lasting impact – promotional products offer a great return on investment. No matter the size of your budget, there is surely a promotional product that will meet your business needs. Whether you own a car dealership or a storefront – why not send your customer off with a little “thank-you” gift? After all, they will be advertising for you every time they use that new pen or notepad.

3. A Superior Alternative to the ‘Classic’ Business Card

Where business cards are extremely useful, practical, and a true staple in the business world – promotional products put your small business a step above the rest. Promotional products are a fun, creative, and meaningful way to showcase your business’ contact information. Do you own a small-scale health food store? Why not host a reusable grocery bag giveaway for the first 100 customers who spend $50.00? According to the ASI State and Regional Sales Report Study (June 28, 2022), promotional product sales by state are on the upswing. Despite the pandemic, promotional product growth in the South and West continues to grow.

4. Tactile and Useful – Give What People use 

One of the keys to a great marketing plan is repeat exposure. How can you keep your business or cause in front of the customer without doing all the work and consistently spending money? Promotional products do the work for you! Useful products that cater to your customers’ needs is the best kind of advertising. A bar or restaurant owner would benefit from a bottle opener or a reusable glass. Here at GACO, we look at your daily routine and create a product you won’t want to put down.

5. Make a Powerful Marketing Statement

Times are changing and so is marketing. Have you been using the same traditional marketing techniques for years? Maybe it’s time to change things up – with a minimal promotional product investment that has the power to leave a long-lasting impact just by adding a bit of variety and a little extra creativity to your current marketing strategy.

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