Tis the Season to be Jolly

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A Stress-free Holiday Season Made Possible

Known for its vibrant summer days, July is a time that invokes happiness and peace of mind. This July, the office and I decided to take a new approach to summertime by celebrating Christmas in July! As much as this may seem like an addition to the madness summer holds, it’s an opportunity to do what GACO Sourcing does best – plan ahead. Below I go in-depth on what Christmas in July means and how we landed on this amazing idea.

A Tradition to Last a Lifetime

Although it may seem like a modern idea to celebrate Christmas in July, the holiday’s roots are more significant than you might think. On July 24th, 1933, the Keystone Girls Camp in North Carolina celebrated the first-ever Christmas in July. They had a tree they called Santa Claus and at the base were presents and fake snow made of cotton. The tradition still carries on today and I am completely jealous of the campers at Keystone.

Advantages of Planning Early

In addition to the tradition of Christmas in July, there is so more that comes with this “holiday”. The advantage of planning early allows for more creativity, assurance of on-time arrivals, saving money by avoiding rush shipments, more time for extensive product sourcing, and an overall sense of ease through the gift-giving process.

Though we have progressed quite a bit since the pandemic, there are still lags in shipments and shortages of workers which causes delays in both warehouses and shipping. Not to mention the actual sparsity of materials. One of our previous blogs digs into these core issues, discussing corporate gifting and how to mitigate setbacks.

Throw in any promotional product business owners’ worst nightmares and tell them they can be avoided by planning in July. Who would miss out on that chance?

Benefiting Both Customers and Employees

Christmas in July ensures success for not only our clients but our team here at GACO. Holiday sales can account for approximately 20% of the industry’s annual sales. Preparation is key during these times, and at GACO, we are doing all we can to provide future business success. For additional resources, here is an article on supply chain issues and what that can mean for you and your business. This article truly put all my fears into perspective, but I was instantly calmed by knowing my team and I are five steps ahead this holiday season.

It’s Your Turn to Act

GACO is ready for a stress-free Christmas and there is no better way to do that than to celebrate now. Our strong work ethic empowers us to never leave our clients or our team empty-handed this holiday season. Our solution this year was to be prepared and plan ahead. I hope this information propels you to get started. Plan ahead and put trust in the fact that as a company, we will get it done.

If you want to get ahead this holiday season, get in touch – we can’t wait to make your dreams a reality!

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