Trends That Last

Company merchandise stores have been trending for the last few years, but we are seeing this request from our partners now more than ever. “Saie Café” to the “Poppi Mart” and the Lonely Ghost x Beis collaboration, proves merch stores are what companies want to provide to their teams and they can be multi-purpose as well; product that can be chosen for an employee award program, for sales teams or tradeshows and for the public to purchase.

To join this trend, GACO hypothetically launched a merch store within this blog post! We included the trendiest apparel and the most unique hard goods. We love the pallete, the design and how the items perfectly pair with one another.

Read on to discover what we would feature in our merch store and get inspired with ideas for your own.


Our collection starts with a range of fashion forward pieces that also provide the comfort everyone desires.  We went for a clean aesthetic, focusing on neutrals, while adding an occasional pop of color. Think comfy sweat sets with thick t-shirts. Perfect for lounging or running errands. More perfect for showing off your brand!


We know a selection of versatile and fashionable bags is a must. Choose from a FEED tote that gives back to the community, a fresh neoprene backpack, or a jelly cosmetic case to hold all the necessities. All of these are not only beautiful in design, but functional as well. Pick one of each or choose them all.


To keep you hydrated and on the go, we stayed in our neutral theme but included sleek water bottles, fun coffee mugs, and insulated tumblers. Each item features unique branding and high-quality materials to ensure durability and style. Who doesn’t need a hydration water bottle or an eco-friendly coffee cup?


To round out the collection, we added the accessory category. Whether it’s a health and wellness product, a cute hat, or a beautifully scented candle, each item appeals to the eye, as well as focusing on purpose and intention.

These curated items make GACO’s merch store the perfect blend of functionality, style, and uniqueness, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Use these ideas for inspiration for your company’s merch store.

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