The Past Year Helps Frame the New Year

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It is the start of another new year. Traditionally, it is a time to stop and reflect on the past. What happened in the past year and what could we have done differently?  2023 is upon us, quicker than I expected.  Now it is time to reflect and time to set new goals. I have learned through experiences that I am not setting unrealistic resolutions each year. I am reflecting on habits I have set and thinking about new ones I can add.  I want to be intentional.  I want to be mindful. Overall, I know what has worked for me and that has allowed me to be successful both in my personal and professional life.

Q: Where do you start?

In 2020 I started working with Tiffany Wardle. She is an intuitive and guidance coach which has taught me how to manifest, how to take control, to speak up, to understand where insecurities are coming from, and to believe in what has already been achieved. The work has not always been easy, and it is a true commitment.  However, I would recommend her to anyone if you were open and vulnerable to developing the tools to cope with life’s challenges.

The initial work came way before my work with Tiffany. At age 6 I kept a diary. It was not consistent, but frequent enough that when I read it now, I can remember the events that were significant and impactful, even as a young child. Today I journal every day. I start with the same header; the basic things I am grateful for every day, no matter what. 

As I sit and write, I take the time to think about what I am grateful for and it is not just my family or business, but about happenings (big or small) that have happened from the day prior. It could be as simple as the Delta Agent not charging me for an extra bag for one of my kids or the person in front of me at the market seeing that I have two items to check out with and letting me go in front of them.  Certainly, being grateful can be much larger and deeper. I have learned that even through our worst mistakes we can find learnings and, therefore, we can be grateful. In 2023, I will NOT stop writing in my journal. I will NOT stop being grateful for where I am, what I have experienced, and lastly where I want to go next.


It took me a long time to learn how to quiet my mind and be present. Sometimes I still have difficulty. I have learned through meditation the key phrase; being present.  Eventually letting go of the racing mind. Clearing your thoughts. This has made me calmer and more present.  Ultimately, it has helped me make decisions that have been difficult and have allowed me to be truly in the moment. You may make it for only 5 minutes to start (read Atomic Habits by James Clear )  That is great! Celebrate the small wins and start. There are benefits beyond being present, like better sleep.


This one I am still learning, and my intention for 2023 is to learn more. I have read 16 Seconds by Pam Lidford and Sandra Stocks. I have moved beyond The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Recently I have started following Abraham Hicks and a goal this year is to attend one of her in-person conferences. I am working with Tiffany on what it means to FOCUS on manifestation. This does not mean that I sit in a room all day, close my eyes, and say “I see a check written to me for One Million Dollars”.  It means that I am intentional. I have gratitude. I KNOW what I want and do not just wish for it.  Unquestionably I work hard on my goals, but I am learning to do them in a way that allows for balancing time to do all the things I want to do.


I have set a routine every day for myself, and my issue is what do I want to add to my routine for 2023. First, I drink celery juice every morning. Second, I prep for my day each evening.  Lastly, I journal, meditate and exercise each day.  Overall, I think about what I can do better and what goals I want to achieve. I think about where I want to add and where I want to take away.

Meditation, Manifestation, and Routine are the foundation of my 2023 resolutions.  Over the next few weeks, I will explore where to add and subtract based on my reflections on 2022 and where I want to be in 2023.  I wish you luck on your journey this new year!  Make sure you check out our website later this month for a GACO 2023 refresh.

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