Success Story: S&P Global

See how GACO helped successfully deliver Society of Excellence Program gifts.

S&P Global Mobility is a leading provider of automotive data, analysis, and insights. Within their organization, they have a Society of Excellence Program which recognizes employees for their outstanding performance in the company. S&P Mobility reached out to GACO for help with creating the perfect gift for achievement.

The Challenge

GACO was presented with two challenges. The first challenge was fi nding a luxury gift that could be used to represent an employee’s achievement of status in the Society of Excellence Program.

The second challenge was presenting this gift on a global scale to ship it worldwide.

Utilizing high-end products is important when wanting to exemplify appreciation and value within a company.

Having to be able to ship worldwide is of great importance to global companies. This capability ensures that the recognition extends across borders, acknowledging and celebrating achievements on a global scale.

The Solution

GACO knew that TUMI’s endless options would be perfect for this client. TUMI’s high-end products, known for their exceptional quality make the perfect award for excellence. To tackle the global aspect, GACO suggested a pop-up store.

The pop-up store granted access to each member to be able to personalize their gift and ship it anywhere in the world. To tailor the experience further, a handwritten note from each member’s direct report made the honor even more special.

"“[The handwritten note] was the exact special touch we needed. GACO went above and beyond to make this elite honor a true experience and unique for each individual."

The Results

The entire process, from selecting TUMI pieces to personalization, establishing the pop-up store, and crafting the handwritten note, was seamlessly executed.

Due to the resounding success of this store, another online store is in the works for the Society of Excellence Program in 2024.

"When I got on my 1:1 with a colleague, she held up the Society of Excellence handbag, then pulled out the handwritten congratulations note. She really appreciated the personal touch and recognition."

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