Success Story: Appian

See how GACO helped Appian set up on-demand customized employee new-hire kits.


Appian is a software company that automates business processes. Appian employees are passionate about challenging the status quo and improving the world through great software.

In March 2022, Appian reached out to GACO to explore the possibility of a New Hire branded merchandise portal.

The Challenge

Appian wanted to pre-purchase and have inventory on hand so the New Hire Kits could be ordered and sent out in batches, weekly, without delay.

Appian had an idea of the items they wished to gift in the New Hire Kits but needed help bringing them to life.

New-hire gifts can give you an upper-hand in the competitive hiring market.

The Solution

Within 24 hours, we communicated extensively with Appian to discuss basic concepts, costs, timelines, etc. GACO immediately began working on the site and within a week had a proposal of items in Appian’s hands.

Products were ordered to be customized and sent to our fulfillment center; all items were inventoried and kitted.

"GACO has been an amazing partner in coming up with creative ways to showcase our brand. Each project is executed flawlessly with incredible creativity and exceptional service."

The Results

The storefront went live. It looked professional and was user-friendly for new employees to navigate.

Each set was packaged and shipped to the employee’s home address by the end of the week.

"[GACO] truly cares about each detail and has the highest standards for quality and service. We can always rely on them to take on large-scale and executive-level projects"

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