Saying Thank You and Promotional Product Lingo 101

To standout in today’s competitive business market, you should aim to show gratitude year-round. After all, it costs more to acquire a new client than it does to keep an existing client loyal and/or happy. 

 Adding a personal message, your logo, or an appreciation message to any of GACO Sourcing’s promotional products will surely boost the spirits, build moral, and get your business bursting with holiday cheer. Remember your current clients and employees are the best voice for your company, campaign, or cause. Reward them and show them a bit of ‘Thanks’!

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 Give Gifts That Make a Lasting Impression – when you take the time to select promotional gifts that make a good lasting impression you are solidifying your client and employee relationships. It has been proven time and time again – attractive, useful and thoughtful gifts make a long lasting impression.

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Also, when ordering your promotional products here are a few printing terms you might want to familiarize yourself with. {Don’t worry though – you don’t need to know them all to get a fabulous result}

Lesson 101;

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Terms and Lingo

Anti-Pill – means that the fabric is resistant to forming those not so attractive little balls of fuzz that are frequently seen on cheaper fabrics after wearing or washing just a few short times.

Bleed- when an image is printed to the edges of a page rather than one left with a border.

Debossing – a decorating method that indents your logo into the product. This is a popular way to decorate Ipad cases, leather, and bags.

Die-Casting – a process by which a molten metal is poured into a mold to achieve the desired shape.

Die Cut – a process in which items like notepads, sticky notes, mouse pads, and magnets are cut to a desired shape for marketing purposes.

Distressing – you know, when you buy something new but it looks old; most frequently thought of items would be trendy apparel with holes, rips, and intentional fading.

Embossing – a process by which your logo, contact information, or marketing message is raised up into a product, typically on those items made of leather or silicone. This process is achieved with the use of metals, dies, and heat.

Embroidery – a long standing decorating technique with the use of needle and thread; creating your custom promotional product design.

Engraving– this process cuts an image or logo into glass, metal, or wood by one of three commonly used methods; computerized engraving, hand engraving, or hand tracing.

Etching – frequently used on glassware, ceramics, porcelain, and crystal – with the use of a template a particular design is cut out.

Four-Color Processing Printer – this is a process in which artwork is photographed through a series of color filters to create four plates. The plates are printed with colors and one plate is printed with black ink. The four colors are then blended in such a way that to the human eye it simulates a full color image.

GIF Image files (Graphic Interchangeable Format) – GIF files are ideal for low-resolution files – they are frequently acceptable for logo and graphics for solid color areas (not multi-color processing)

Hot Stamping – a process in which pre-dried inks or foils are transferred to a product at a high temperature. This process can be used on a number of surfaces; polypropylene, polyethylene, plastics, woods, leather, and paper products.

Imprint Area – you know, that pretty space on promotional products that we can accept your logo or custom design. The size and/or location may vary depending on the decorating method.

Laser or Foil Stamping – the adding of foil or metallic imprints to leather, paper, or vinyl surfaces.

Logo– a unique symbol adopted by a business, cause, or organization to help customers and individuals identify its product, uniform, message, vehicle, or team.

Pad Printing– this is a printing process that allows 2-D images to be transferred to a 3-D object.

Paper Proof – this is the paper we give you to show you how a product will look before production begins – always, always look this over! Remember 8 Promotional Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Pre-production Proof – you guessed it, this is a mock version or the ‘real deal’ before the production process begins.

Screen Printing– a printing process using screens to print an image onto a product. This may also be called ‘silk screening’.

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