Promotional Pen and Pencil Advertising; 5 Things You Should Know

From the historic quill pen, cave paintings, to stone carvings writing instruments have a long standing historical background. The many contributors, developers, and designers over the years have helped increase speed, accuracy, and helped diversify the very instrument which records our stories for generations to come.

Over the years writing instruments have changed face – gone are the days of writing with a feather. From the traditional basic lead pencil to today’s skillfully crafted fountain pens, ball point pen’s, and of coarse the fanciest of roller balls. Each writing instrument has made it’s way into the hands of the storyteller – naturally pushing its way into the advertising and promotional product industry eagerly waiting to promote you and your story.

Did you know that the ball point pen is the most popular writing instrument for retail, distribution networks, and promotional marketing venues? Here are 5 more things you should know about promotional pen and pencil advertising for your next big campaign.

1) Did you know pharmaceutical companies are the leaders in pen promotional product advertising? What better way is there to advertise and subliminally persuade a client than to have your product/s name, address, phone, and contact information on the very instrument that is used to prescribe a medications? A quick visit to any healthcare facility would surely confirm this. Other industries that frequently use the inexpensive pen promotion include banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, and real-estate offices.

2) The pen has also been a long standing gift idea. After all, who doesn’t love to write with an aerodynamic, comfortable, high quality writing instrument? GACO Sourcing offers a large variety of elegantly polished metal writing instruments featuring the finest and most accurate of laser engraving to the classic customizable rollerballs. A high quality pen is a promotional gift surely to leave an everlasting impression.

3) Pens have evolved over time and grown even larger in their advertising means. They too have revolutionized with today’s increased need for speed, accuracy, and technical advancement. Allowing the traditional pen and pencil advertising to boost their acceptance amongst the varying markets of today. From metal multi-functioning ballpoint pens which sport ultra soft styluses to Illuminating pens with LED light features. Whether you’re working on a tablet or in a notebook the revolution of the pen surely makes your job easier. The pen promotional product marketing opportunities are only limited to ones imagination – put the pen to the pad, and let it do the work for you!

4) It is important to take note that one should never underestimate the respectful, reliable, handy old traditional pencil. Still distributed to millions, they provide advertising exposure for just pennies on the dollar – making the traditional writing instrument a long standing ‘home run’ for all.

5) Promotional pens, pencils, and markers are a great advertising opportunity because whether in the office or on the road- wherever your clients writing instrument of choice goes your name, brand, cause, and promotional logo goes too.

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