New Year. New Website.

In 2022 The sky’s the limit for GACO Sourcing

The Beginning

In 2008 Stephanie Wineman, Owner, and CEO of GACO Sourcing set out to create a company that thought creatively and cultivated inspiring brand experiences. While getting a website started was important, it was not as essential as gaining business and pursuing leads.

“We launched a basic website that vouched for our legitimacy. I never felt the aesthetics of the site particularly matched the ambitions I had for the company, but it was a solid starting point,” said Stephanie Wineman, owner of GACO Sourcing.

The site featured an “About Us” page and a “Contact Us” page.

The Brand

Fast forward 10 plus years GACO Sourcing has evolved into a unique mix of hometown values with a global GACO Sourcing Logoreach. We are a group of women, passionate about what we do and committed to exceptional customer service. Still, there was a disconnect between the ideals that drove us and our digital footprint. Together, we did a deep dive – thinking through what we wanted our GACO Sourcing logo to represent. We landed on a butterfly. It exemplifies our continual growth, evolution, and unparalleled creativity – a true symbol of our commitment to our client’s needs.

New Website Launch

Despite a global pandemic sweeping the nation in 2021, we allowed the momentum of our logo to guide us in re-imagining the GACO Sourcing website. Our brand identity is now at the forefront of this website and speaks to the vibrancy of the team and passion for the industry.

“We stayed agile, overcoming each hurdle that came our way and continued to grow our team and business. Launching a new website was paramount to our continued success. I felt it essential our website become a resource to customers and potential customers alike,” said Stephanie.

For example, we added a Blog to realize our intention of becoming a resource. Also, now featured on the Our Work page you can see first-hand the experience our team brings to every. On our, About Us page, learn not only the history of the company but familiarize yourself with our team. And most importantly find a fully integrated, customized, and up-to-date Catalogue of GACO approved products.

In 2022 we intend on soaring to new heights, striving to inspire new ideas that bring dynamic solutions to you and your company. If you can dream it, we can achieve it!

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