The History of Promotional Products in U.S. Politics and Top Promotional Product Campaign Picks For You in 2016


Lets take a step back in history – it is the year 1789, The United States has just elected its first U.S. president. This historic event also marks the birth of the first political promotional product in history; the highly sought after commemorative George Washington button.

For the next hundred years or so, that was about it for promotional product merchandise in politics; that was, until the election of 1896 {the McKinley-Bryan race}. This was notably the first presidential election that featured mass production of promotional campaign products; in fact some historic campaign buttons can still be found lingering about today.

Buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, and pens galore: welcome to the 20th century!

The 2008 presidential campaign notably changed political promotional campaigning once again with the success of Barack Obama’s online store. Bringing us to today; 2016 it is pretty much a presidential candidate necessity to have an online promotional product store.

“A campaign store is a very significant piece of modern political campaign,” said Dale Emmons, president of the American Association of Political Consultants. A campaign store not only allows voters to wear their support but, simultaneously provides valuable consumer behavior data to its candidates.

So what’s in your campaign store? What brand, cause, or business are you trying to draw attention to?

Here are some of our “Top Promotional Product Campaign Picks For You in 2016!


Magnets – “harness the marketing power of magnets” and be sure to make your brand stick!


Balloons – Watch your brand name expand to new expectations. Our eco-friendly balloon is made from 100% biodegradable latex and measures 9″. No party is complete without these decorative products hanging around.



Fitted Fashion Tee shirts -Anvil knows lightweight comfort, and it shows in this soft-to-the-touch, 30 single cotton tee. Preshrunk 100% combed ring-spun cotton. A mix of comfort, class, and practical. 


Stickers and tattoos -No campaign is complete without well branded collateral-like bumper stickers, lapel labels and promotional stickers. Ensure consistency in campaign branding with inexpensive paper labels. Our experts ‘voted” and recommend White Gloss Paper, one spot color imprint (additional colors available).


Buttons – American made button make an unparalleled political marketing tool. Add your name and message to this button and benefit from increased support!


Totes & Bags – Give them something they can use and need. The Tote Bag Eco insulated grocery tote is classy, clean, and useful. Let your people take you along wherever they go!


Koozies – ‘Reflections Koozie Can Kooler”; features an eye-catching rubberized look with smooth surface, easy can removal and dual-layer insulation. Made in the USA. From the backyard BBQ to the weekly tailgate party your brand, logo, message, or cause will be working for you. “Work smarter not harder.”



Sports Bottles – Here is the perfect show stopper for your big promotional product campaign – the 24oz sports bottle filled with hershey kisses will not only quench your promotional thirst but, it will surely ‘seal the deal’. This is an ideal product for staying hydrated while partaking in strenuous activities such as hiking, biking, working out or playing sports. Just customize with an imprint and hand out at your next convention or tradeshow! Made in USA!


So, whether your building a small scale campaign or going for the big ‘home’ run – promotional products have undoubtedly stood the test of time. Spreading the message you so desperately want others to hear for centuries to come. Don’t be left in the dust – start building your marketing campaign today.

In fact, did you know “89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received from the last two years.”

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