Logo Design Mistakes (part 2)

Congratulations! I know you’re super excited to hit the ground running with your new business – but wait, you’re still stuck on perfecting your logo? No need to worry, that’s what we at GACO Sourcing are here for.

That’s right, we are back here today sharing The Top Logo Design Mistakes (part 2) – helping you save time and money while communicating your message clearly.

A Splash of Color – We all love color, right? However, did you know one of the Top Logo Design Mistakes is to rely too heavily on it? We get so excited see how the dancing blues, bright yellows, and the warm oranges come together we forget that what we really should be focusing on is actually a white canvas with black ink only.

It is just a fact – at one time or another your logo will need to be displayed in only one color. Can your message and identity withstand the test of time? Is your message the same whether in color or not? If not, than your logo might need some tweaking – logo first, color second.

The Perfect Font- Your logo is often a person’s first impression of you. Does your logo clearly deliver your message, match your style, and does the font tie it all together? If your answer is no to any one of these things then it’s time to hit the drawing board again. Yes, choosing the wrong font for your logo is one of the leading logo design mistakes. The key is to find a balance between your style, design, and the font – your font should complement the icons characteristics.

Font is often overlooked as being an important element and is frequently chosen more out of impulse than strategy. While many websites offer free fonts – websites such as FontFont offer a much larger unique to your brand option.

Too Much of a Good Thing – Is Not a Good Thing- Ok, we have all seen it the awesome logo or message with multiple fonts. While font is super important and can literally make or break your message. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. When selecting a font it is ok to use multiple fonts but limiting your selection to two is best.

For the best result using two fonts of a different ‘weight’ or ‘thickness’ is best. Your target market must be able to read and absorb the message in a matter of seconds. The use of too many fonts can become overwhelming and confusing to the viewer.

Copy Cat – Be Original! Be You! One of the biggest mistakes of all is copying another logo. While, we all love free stuff – if it is free chances are someone else is using it too. The purpose of your logo is to represent you – if someone else has the same logo then your message was lost at first sight.

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