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June is Pride Month, a time when thousands of people across the United States come together to recognize the impact that the LGBTQIA+ community has had on the world. This is no different in our office – it has provided us the opportunity to reflect on the role of inclusivity in our workplace.

I put great responsibility on myself to make the women in my office feel empowered by our unique backgrounds. Below I go more in-depth, reflecting on the steps we take to provide a successful and inclusive environment.

Team Building

At the end of May, our team took a trip to Detroit to explore our Auras at Auras Aura. Though I follow spiritual beliefs, I never knew my aura could actually be seen through a picture and read! I knew I would be fascinated by what I was going to learn about our team.

As we placed our hands on metal pads our auras were read. This energy would then reflect into a colored emanation of who we were, who we are, and who we aspire to be. As I held the polaroid in my hand I was shocked by my results. My Co-worker’s photos were a blaze with red, blue, orange, and green colors. Mine was simply one color. However, as I was informed what this color meant I quickly realized how accurate this was.

I looked around at our team’s polaroids and felt this amazing connection take place. We all demonstrated such different Auras, but at the same time connected by each other’s energy. A chaotic rainbow turned into a team of passionate women, where our differences ignite our strengths.

A Cohesive Office

It may seem an unusual choice to have a team building activity during these challenging times, but it’s something that plays a large importance to us here at GACO Sourcing. It’s what makes our team stronger and what builds our office to become a space where every voice is heard. A strong company, with many different parts, is what makes the office feel like home. Its time we end the judgmental attitudes of the world, we must come together and recognize that our differences only make us stronger! 

Judgment is one of the biggest cruelties in life. As CEO, I believe it is my role to provide an inclusive space inside and outside of the office. There is a quote by Sonali D’silva that states, “Judgement can afford to be lazy; inclusion is a skill that takes courage, empathy, and practice”. Following this sentiment has only allowed me to grow. I have become more empowered and empathic, and genuinely feel I have a personal connection with every one who works in the office. To me, inclusivity is a crucial part of GACO’s success. Daily we provide a comfortable environment to become the best version of yourself.

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