In October, We Wear Pink

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Breast Cancer is a global health concern that affects millions of women and their families every year. With increased awareness and early detection, we can make significant strides in reducing its impact.

The GACO community has been affected by this terrible disease and we are committed to doing everything in our power to raise funds and awareness.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is a time we have chosen to dedicate educating ourselves about the disease, supporting those who are affected, and spreading awareness. In this article, we will explore ideas to create awareness and funds.


  • Get active. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sign up to join a local race or walk, host a fundraising workout class, or organize a tournament and encourage group participation.
  • Engage employees and coworkers. Employees value a workplace culture that promotes philanthropy and community. Collaborating on these initiatives with colleagues is an excellent means to unite individuals and teams, fostering connections that extend beyond work-related information.
  • Host a breast cancer awareness event. Organizing a Breast Cancer Awareness event serves a dual purpose – it does not only raise awareness about the disease, but also generates funds for a meaningful cause. A significant number of individuals remain unaware of the disease’s prevalent statistics, signs, and symptoms. A fundraiser is an effective way to share research.



The PINK FUND is a National Breast Cancer Non-Profit Organization that provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients beyond medical expenses. During their treatment, patients often encounter additional expenses that can be financially challenging. Pink Fund offers valuable non-medical financial assistance to help alleviate these burdens. GACO works with this incredible foundation, and we wanted to introduce you to their mission!


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