How to Build a Killer T-shirt Marketing Campaign

So, you’re trying to make your mark in today’s service, product, and content overloaded market. Trying to get someone to commit to using your service or product can certainly feel like an uphill battle at times, right?! But, don’t fret – you can still stand out with little effort and minimal investment; what you need is a killer t-shirt marketing campaign.

Invest in a marketing strategy that will get used, worn, and talked about. With an amazing branded design, and high quality product your custom t-shirt is sure to get you the attention you’re looking for. Let others spread the word for you but, first –

What is a great Shirt?

  • It’s going to be comfortable
  • It’s going to have a fun, creative, simple, and well-placed logo design
  • It will share the story of your company, brand, or cause relaying a message to your target market.

Get the Logo Right!

Who is your target market?

  • Different markets will be looking for and expect different things. Did you know men are more likely than women to wear a branded t-shirt in public? Once you understand your target market and what it is that they want you can then better plan your t-shirt marketing strategy.
  • How old is your target market? Younger recipients tend to be more receptive to big, bold, and bright where as a more seasoned audience may show a preference towards quiet, subtle, and traditional.

Why branded T-shirt’s can rock your marketing strategy!

  • The more people that have them the more your brand is “seen” – its’ all about brand recognition.
  • Make a statement! The more people see your name, logo, or cause being worn their natural curiosity will be sparked – “What is this company, cause, or business about, anyways? And, how can I get my hand on a shirt?”
  • Pens, notepads, calendars, and stickers are great – but when a bunch of people are wearing the same thing the statement is very clear; “we are professional and we want you to join us!”

Make new friends but keep the old.

  • Host a social media contest
  • Grow that email list! Give away a free branded t-shirt to the first 100 people that sign up.
  • Give your branded t-shirt away at tradeshows, booths, fairs, or as a thank you gift.
  • Give them to your friends!

Invest in your team!

  • Everyone likes to ‘feel’ a part of something – unite your company and build a ‘team spirit’. The more your employees’ believe in you the harder they will work and want to share the ‘positive vibe’ with others.
  • Unity = productivity
  • Your friends, family, and employees are your voice when you are not there – don’t leave them out; include them! Give them a t-shirt too!

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