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Header Photos

Our super clean site seemed a little too sterile.  Our model mono is photo centric so I tried adding a photo to the top of each page to give the site some more interest and zip.  There are thousands of photos to choose from and I simply spent a couple hours selecting the candidates below.

  • The header photos on pages look terrible because they are blown up versions of the free samples below. (Note the History page looks fine as it was a larger free sample).
  • If we like them we would purchase the high resolution photos and they would look great.
  • We can adjust a lot of things about the page header photos
    • How tall they are are: currently 240 pixels
    • They can be converted to gray scale
    • They can be made semi transparent
  • The photos are dynamic meaning they look different on small laptop compared to 27″ monitor because they automatically resize

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stock-photo-2343884-harbour stock-photo-41015294-cargo-ship-in-the-harbor-at-sunset



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