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Starting today, we will spend a full month honoring the women that have made sacrifices and contributions to society both past and present, Women’s History Month.  Some names that quickly come to mind are Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Barbara Walters, and Dolly Parton to name a few.  While those have impacted ALL of us, I decided to look at the many women in my life who have influenced me.  Who I can thank for where I am today and what I aspire to grow into through learning and inspiration.

krystna - my past

When I was asked this question, the very first person that came to my mind was Krystna Nowak. I met Krystna 19 years ago, right before my third child was born. The only word she knew in English was Hi. However, I could instantly tell by the warmth of her presence that she would be the perfect nanny for my three young daughters.  Krystna was almost 50 years old. She moved to America from Poland to work so she could send money to her three young adult children and grandchildren. Krystyna taught herself English by communicating with me via a translator device and hanging posters of words from English to Polish. It was unbelievable.

While Krystna was at our home to help me with my kids, she did so much more than that; things I would have never learned if it were not for her. She taught me how to truly love. She taught me how to sacrifice. She taught me the meaning of family and priorities. She taught me what it truly means to work hard. She taught me balance and how to be selfless. She was an inspiration every day. I would not be the parent I am today if she did not come into my life.  I always say that someone from above sent me an angel. Unfortunately, I lost Krystna around six years ago, but she is continually in my heart and on my mind.

Julie - My present

The second person that comes to my mind is Julie Cartwright. I have known Julie for over 20 years, first as her vendor and then as a friend. We all struggle with some insecurities. I am vulnerable enough to say one of mine is feeling good enough; smart enough. Julie has always believed in me. She has lifted me up when I have felt scared and has boosted my confidence, especially through the beginning years of starting GACO. As I have grown with Julie, selling to her and now working along by her side at p.volve, she truly is an inspiration and has impacted me by wanting to be a better leader, a better employer, more thoughtful and empathetic. Her passion is contagious. Her dedication and loyalty are something that people recognize and for me makes me want to be better.

Tiffany - my present

.A person I work with weekly, Tiffany Wardle is a woman who has had and continues to have a profound impact on me. She is an intuitive business/life coach and has helped me grow both emotionally and mentally over the last two years. I have learned to pause, think, trust, and ground myself through the work I have done with her. Her conversations with me are lessons. I am a better person for this and a more positive person. It is not about looking through rose colored glasses, but about being real and truly believing. She has taught me and inspired me to feel, I mean really feel and not just use words.

My daughters - my future

Last, and most important to me are my three daughters. Writing a few sentences does not give the impact nor inspiration they provide me. Yes, I am obviously their mother, but they are all their own unique individuals, each with special qualities. These young adults have inspired me to love to my fullest capacity, to not be afraid, to take risks and yet be cautious, to laugh more, to have meaningful relationships, to be honest to oneself, to never give up, to analyze, and to enjoy life. Each encounter I have with them, be it alone or all together, I leave feeling like the luckiest human being. They make me want to never quit on myself, no matter how difficult things can become.

There are many ways you can celebrate and observe the achievements of women worldwide this month.  I encourage you to get involved locally or among your amazing circle of friends.  You should spend this month celebrating ALL of us and all the places we have yet to go.  Click HERE to find a few ways to celebrate.

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